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Why Does the Caged Bird Sing?

Photo by Sultan K. on Unsplash

Why does the caged bird sing?
Is she happy?
Excited, although hers is a false security
Is her song one of strength?
Or, does she hum a tune that is truly blue?

What may sound like singing
May only be a song of resignation
We think she is flapping her wings in exhilaration
But maybe she is really waving a flag of surrender
What looks like contentment may only be complacency

Maybe the bird sings because the door is open
She anticipates her escape once she has acquired
Wisdom for the journey…
Support for the mission, and…
Enough truth to quiet the lies called fear and doubt

Does the bird sing just to keep herself company?
Fearing insanity born of boredom,
Does loneliness promote a melody?
Fearing discovery, does the bird
Wear a mask mistaken for joy?

Does the caged bird have company?
Are there those around her suggesting their brand of safety?
“Stay where you are.  It’s safer here with me.”
Does she sing to drown out the unsolicited advice?
Praying for relief, she settles and sings

Outside the cage – a place called unknown
Overpowers the heart that beats on the inside…
The drive that directs her thoughts…
Do her feet pace back and forth on her perch
Waiting for the courage to flee?

I’m not sure why a caged bird would sing
Unless she knows she is merely resting her tired wings…

(Original written: 12/2011; Revised 11/2018)


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