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For the Mother Who…

This is for the mother who:
Looks at her empty arms and wonders if they will ever experience the joy of holding their own
Lays her hand on the empty womb asking if she is being punished for her sins or the sins of a foremother
Looks to the future to right the wrongs of an empty past, an barren nest

Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash

This is for the mother:
Who looks back and smiles when she thinks of the minds she’s influenced and the little hands she once held
Who baked cookies for classrooms and signed permission slips for field trips that exposed her kids to worlds she never got to see
Who wonders if she did enough?  Did she do it right?  If she is still needed and loved?

This is for the mother who:
Breastfeeds and burps and begs for good behavior
Has perfected “The Look” and mastered the art of “Timeout” and counting down from 3… 2… 1…
Walks to bus stops and skillfully negotiates the drop off/pick up lane in yoga pants and slippers

This is for the mother:
Who is also a G-Ma, GiGi and Grandma by either marriage or blood
Who wishes she could go back and have a “do over.”  Maybe she would…
Dance more, laugh more, play in the sun more and drink from the garden hose… more

This is for the mother who is really:
A step
An Aunt
An older sister or great-grand

This is for the mothers who:
Look out windows hoping for a visitor
Know that there is still life to be lived, but fewer people to live it with
Mourn with daughters who long to be mothers and celebrate a place called Tomorrow while it is still Today


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