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Introducing… M.O.S.A.I.C.


Meet. Outline. Strategize. Activate. Implement. Celebrate!

What is a M.O.S.A.I.C?

No matter the color, texture, or medium; mosaics are known to be both impressive and offer variety. Mind M.O.S.A.I.C. is no different.

In early 2021, Cherise wanted to make some changes in her life. As a new grandmother nearing retirement, she asked what could not only put her in a better position financially, but also create a life that would have a long-lasting impact for generations to come.

A few friends who were also going through their own life transitions, agreed to get together and brainstorm ideas and resources for a productive 2021. Because Cherise wants to do things that make sense and as her daughter Candace believes, our passions can also make “cents,” the two did their own brainstorming session.

Mind M.O.S.A.I.C. Image

The initial questions were, “How could women experience long lasting benefit from a brainstorming session?” “What would that look like?” “How do we motivate women to move beyond mere planning to living their dream lives?” Those questions led to Mind M.O.S.A.I.C. (Meet. Outline. Strategize. Activate. Implement. Celebrate!).

Mind M.O.S.A.I.C. is a gathering of women designed to encourage and challenge each other to live the life of their dreams. Through coaching and facilitation, participants are led through a series of steps designed to help flesh out and overcome obstacles to reaching their goals.


To assemble for action, conference, or other common purpose, as a committee, legislature, or class

A group of 3-5 women gather to discuss their desires, dreams, and decisions. Each detail their dream life and possible hinderances to having that life. Answering some initial questions along with a brief brainstorming session help identify general goal(s) for the next 12 months. Each leave the initial meeting with a doable “next step” that will help them make a big task smaller and more attainable.


 Establish the essential features or main aspects of something under discussion

With a decided direction, the second session is held to discuss the resources and to develop a realistic timeline. Specifically, each will layout an overall framework to prioritize the various steps needed, identify possible partners, and identify who in her current circle can provide ongoing accountability.


To make up or determine a strategy, plan

Until now, things have been general and nonspecific. The strategy session is designed to take the pieces already identified and collected and create a more specific plan to reach each member’s 12 month-goal.


To make active; cause to function or act

Once the plan is written it is now time to put things in action. For example, activation could be the purchasing of materials needed, or applying for the necessary business licenses and permits. In addition to honest self-reflection and assessments to determine if adjustments need to be made, there are concrete steps taken to galvanize the plan.


To fulfill; perform; carry out

Implementation occurs when the women have their “ducks in a row.” This means plans are adjusted, resources are activated, and the ladies have committed to their goals through carrying out tasks vital to success. Calls are being made. Clients are being seen. Classes are being taken… There are measurable markers for success to report.  

Photo by Fatih on Unsplash


To observe or commemorate

Mind M.O.S.A.I.C. believes that successes are celebrated along the way. Achieving big goals depends on smaller accomplishments toward that goal. Once a plan is implemented, the ladies will track their triumphs to determine if any further adjustments need to be made. Understanding that adjustments are an indicator of grace and not failure, each lady will learn to celebrate their wins unapologetically.


Meet. Outline. Strategize. Activate. Implement. Celebrate!


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