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Dear 30-Year-Old Me

Dear 30-year-old Me,

Cherish the time you spend with that little girl and don’t become upset if your memories are different from hers. Let her know she is loved and valued and only responsible for her feelings and herself. As you watch her mature, know that she is developing into who she needs to be for all that is ahead of her.

While you may daydream of a marriage and a home with a male voice and direction… it won’t come. Not the way you hope it would, anyway. But that will be okay. You will still have wonderful experiences. You will still have times you laugh with your head thrown back, times the laughter will cause your face and sides to hurt and make you wonder if you will catch your next breath because of joy and good times. Celebrate those times. Embrace those times as good enough and whole.

While you may dream of new things and bigger things, you are complete even if they don’t materialize. Learn to love where you are as you strive for new heights. Always speak truth, even if no one seems to be listening. Someone is listening.

There will be times your ideas seem far too weighty to ever be realized. Learn to whom and when to share your plans. Not everyone who seems interested will lift a finger to help. Some just want to know where you are going so they can position themselves to block you. Don’t accept ever compliment as genuine or all feedback as valid. Trust what’s on the inside of you. You can be trusted.

There will be times you have to let go of plans, people and even possessions that have sustained you in the past, to be able to move forward in a direction that is healthiest and truest to where it is you are going next. There is always a next.

About those people… Some will walk away from you; let them. With some, you will need to build walls… they are boundaries and necessary for your peace of mind. Some walls will have gates, and you will be able to welcome them back once both of you are stronger and more mature and more loving. Some walls will lead to bridges that have been burned – never to be reconstructed or considered again. And that is okay… it’s best.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Dear 30-year-old me, you will have opportunities to pursue your education. Oh, and then you may wonder if it was worth it. It was. You grew. You contributed to the growth of others. It was worth it.

You will visit and experience great works of art and nature. Put down the camera and be in the moment. Relish the sounds, the smells, the nuances, and the feel. And while I’m on it; be more mindful in all situations. Be present and attentive to what and who is around you. If something feels off… leave. Oh, there will be times you will leave! Trust that… do more of that! It all leads to peace and an increased awareness of your inner you… the real you.

Finally, take care of your health. Doctors don’t know it all, but they know more than you. Move more! Take deeper breaths. Drink more water. Eat more veggies. Cook more and leave the window food alone. Your health IS wealth and something to be treasured. Oh, did I already mention… Laugh more! Yeah, laugh often and strong and deep and loud!

You are loved! You are strong! You are capable!



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