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One-on-one life/relationship coaching is offered to individuals, couples and groups to improve communication skills, resolve conflict and maintain lasting and satisfying connections. Always focused on the client’s goals, holistic coaching sessions offer individualized and practical tools that can be applied to the identified concerns.

Premarital Counseling/Facilitation helps dating and engaged couples address habits that cause distrust and friction in the relationship. By looking at issues such as: communication, conflict resolution and healthy boundaries; couples are assisted to voice their expectations, understand the need for healthy boundaries and establish and achieve objectives that lead to mutually fulfilling relationships.

Cherise, a PREPARE-ENRICH Certified Facilitator, assists dating and engaged couples prepare for a marriage that builds upon their strengths and adds to the fulfillment of the relationship.

Workshop/Seminar/Training Presentation and Group Facilitation is available to community and private groups upon request. Topics include: recovery from abusive relationships, communication skills, self-discovery, emotional well-being, mentoring, teen relationships and authentic living.

Hekima – Woman to Woman Mentoring provides monthly gatherings for women ages 16 and older. The goal is to foster healthy and helpful relationships between women of different generations and backgrounds that will lead to well-being in the home and workplace. Through presentation and fellowship, women are encouraged to build and nurture connections that support personal and professional development.

Mind M.O.S.A.I.C. is a gathering of women designed to encourage and challenge each other to live the life of their dreams. Through coaching and facilitation, participants are led through a series of steps designed to help flesh out and overcome obstacles to reaching their goals.

Payment Options: 
Cherise gladly accepts self-pay clients. Payment options include online options such as Venmo, CashApp and Zelle. Please remember, the client or his/her guardian is responsible for payment at the time services are provided.