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Just Breathe, You Say?

If I hear the phrase, "these uncertain times" or anything close to it one more time... I just may scream! Yes, we are all impacted by how vast and quickly the COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) has spread. Yes, most of us have never lived through anything like this before. Pandemic was not part of our everyday… Continue reading Just Breathe, You Say?

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Woman is…

Woman is... Life giving and capable of life-changing gifts She is both poetry and song - calling out in wisdom what others cannot love She is strength wrapped up in vulnerability.  Authentic and yet capable of true collaboration Woman… She's learned to dance alone, even when she screams for partnership She is light in dark… Continue reading Woman is…

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Country Home Remedies

I can still see it. Actually, I’d hear it before I ever caught sight of it. I’d hear Otto screaming, “NO!  No Mary!! NO!”, just in time to look out the window and see Mary chasing her stepson, Otto. It was like a choreographed dance. Otto would zig, and Mary would zag. Otto’s short stumpy… Continue reading Country Home Remedies