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Aevrie Rhose: A Rose Gifted in 2020

“What time is it?” “Has it been three hours already?” “What have I done today?” “Did I even shower?” “Aww, was that a smile?” These are just a few of the questions that both my daughter and I asked the last month or so in 2020.  Aevrie Rhose, my first grandchild, came into the world on her due date with 10 toes, 10 fingers, and a cute button nose. Unlike… Continue reading Aevrie Rhose: A Rose Gifted in 2020

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2020: A Year of Collective Loss for Black America

{CONTENT WARNING: death, COVID-19, trauma, and police brutality. A 10-minute read.} I think “It” started on January 26th with the news that Kobé Bryant, his daughter and seven others had perished in a helicopter crash. We had just landed for one of two layovers between Shreveport and Las Vegas when the news broke. I recall… Continue reading 2020: A Year of Collective Loss for Black America

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Just Breathe, You Say?

If I hear the phrase, "these uncertain times" or anything close to it one more time... I just may scream! Yes, we are all impacted by how vast and quickly the COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) has spread. Yes, most of us have never lived through anything like this before. Pandemic was not part of our everyday… Continue reading Just Breathe, You Say?